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More than 4 million children have their stem cells preserved in a family bank. Stem cells from the umbilical cord is used to treat more than 80 diseases today.

Cellaviva Box

Order the Cellaviva box

Everything needed to collect your baby’s stem cells is included in the Cellaviva box.

Call Cellaviva Hotline and bring the Box to the Hospital

Please call the Cellaviva hotline when it's time to give birth and bring the Cellaviva box to the hospital. Inform the midwife about your decision to collect the stem cells and that a midwife from Cellaviva will do the collection.

Collect the Stem Cells

The stem cells are collected by the midwife from Cellaviva, after the baby is born and the cord has been cut. The collection takes only a few minutes and is completely painless and safe for mother and baby.

Shipped to the Laboratory

When the collection is completed, the Cellaviva midwife fill out the documents and care for that the box is transported the laboratory.

Analyzed and Frozen

When the stem cells arrive at the laboratory, they are analyzed by qualified laboratory staff. If the quality requirements of Cellaviva are met, the sample is processed and then frozen in liquid nitrogen.

Store for the Future

The stem cells are stored in cryotanks in the family’s own freezer compartment at Cellaviva. When stored in a temperature of -196 ° C, the cells stop aging. This allows the cells to retain both quality and vitality.

What We Do

Collect & Analyze Stem Cells

When your child is born and the umbilical cord is cut, a midwife from Cellaviva will collect umbilical cord blood and tissue. In the laboratory we carry out careful quality controls and analysis of the stem cells before the cells are frozen.

Store Safely

The stem cells are safely stored in liquid nitrogen in the family’s own box in the freezer, saved for your family and future. We are under the supervision of IVO, the Swedish Inspectorate for Health and Care, and comply with the high standards for safe and safe handling and storage of stem cells.

Stem Cells for Medical Treatment

The purpose of saving the sample is to be able to use it for treatment purposes. Cellaviva will release stem cells after receiving a request from the mother, under the condition that the medical treatment concerns the child or a relative.

Saving stem cells now might be a treatment opportunity in the future.

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