Stem cells are a great insurance that is stored

About grandparents and stem cells
As a midwife, I have for many years collected blood from the umbilical cord, so you could harvest stem cells for any. later use. Yes, in fact, I have been involved from the very beginning back in the beginning of the zeros, where it became an opportunity to collect stem cells in Denmark. I know how important it is for the families to have stem cells collected and therefore I have also left my own birthday, Christmas events and large family parties, to reach the births where stem cells were to be collected.

I believe that stem cell research is in rapid development and that stem cells can be used for much more disease control than we already do and can imagine today.
I follow the latest research and find it exciting. My grandson can expect a lifespan of over 100 years, and I think that treatment with stem cells will be the medicine of the future and then a stem cell depot is probably the best gift I can give.

Therefore, I have also chosen to pay for a collection and storage of blood stem cells and stem cells from the umbilical cord as a gift from me to my grandson Lasse and his family, my son and daughter-in-law.

The stem cells can only be harvested once – right after birth – so you can not regret once the baby is born, unless it is within a very short time – counts a few hours.
We all have stem cells – but the ones I, for example. have, have been exposed to all that my body has been exposed to over time. Newborn stem cells are almost as new as they can be and can become pretty much anything in the body. They are the mechanics of the body, one might say.

I see it as a fantastic insurance that is stored for if the accident is out and the disease strikes, and precisely this disease can be treated or even cured with stem cells – an insurance that is really good to have, but which I hope we never will need.