We simply had the best experience!

We simply had the best experience! We first heard about Cellaviva for an event in BabySam, where Henriette and Mianne were out and told a little about how the birth takes place. Then we searched for further information and went to Henriette and Mianne for birth preparation. Every single time we have had a question, we have received an answer (quickly) and everything has been thoroughly explained to us. The birth preparation was so good and informative, without being boring! My husband especially got something out of it when his role during the birth was first addressed. The breathing we learned was praised at the hospital. All the different measuring instruments for the birth were briefly reviewed, so for the birth there was nothing new or scary. At the birth, Mianne came and “harvested” the stem cells. It was so nice to have a familiar face, one that told how beautiful and beautiful one’s new baby was, and one to take our first family photo. ❤️ Here 4 months later we have been visiting Cellaviva to say hello, and how nice it was again to say hello to Henriette and Mianne! Again .. It has been the best experience, and when the next child comes up, we will again have Cellaviva to collect stem cells!