The process and cooperation with Cellaviva’s midwives have been absolutely fantastic!!



I became aware of the possibility of stem cell storage through Instagram, and when I checked Cellaviva’s website, I became even more interested in learning about the collection of stem cells and how they could be used. My partner and I quickly agreed that it was something we wanted to do, as I think it provides an opportunity for some insurance in the future, should there one day be a need for a treatment that might be able to help us and our children.

The process and cooperation with Cellaviva’s midwives have been absolutely fantastic!!

From the first contact with Cellaviva, I felt very safe and had a pleasant conversation about the collection process. All my questions were taken the time to be answered, and during the birth, Cellaviva’s midwife, Marie, proved to be a fantastic help when my home birth took an unexpected turn. She was very skilled and worked great together with my home birth midwife, and she ended up being very involved right after the birth when we suddenly needed more hands. I am so happy that two months after my daughter’s birth, Marie was also present during my delivery and the security it created. I did not notice any disturbance from Cellaviva’s midwife in the room; on the contrary, it was very nice to get to know Marie a little.

Unfortunately, our blood stem cells didn’t come to fruition, as there wasn’t the opportunity to prioritize this, due to more important circumstances at the end of the birth BUT we have had the stem cells stored from the umbilical cord and it is nice to know that we have some stem cells that might be useful one day in the future, should there be a need for it. I think it’s a comforting security for parents to have, should you one day need them.

Best regards,

Frederikke Lykke Lindh