Most people we talk to have never heard of it

We first became aware that it was a possibility to have stem cells collected when I read about it in an advertisement received in one of the numerous baby packages I ordered.

We also discussed it with a couple of friends who were considering having it done themselves. Otherwise, we would never have found out about it. Most people we talk to have never heard of it, so please help spread the message so more people have the opportunity ☺️

We discussed that we trust that research is progressing rapidly, and soon stem cells can be used for various diseases. Since we have the means to pay the price, we agreed that if we ever find ourselves in a situation where stem cells could be used for potential treatment of our child, we would never forgive ourselves for having chosen to forgo it. By that time, one would be willing to pay many millions of kroner, but it would be too late. It’s like paying for insurance: you hope you never have to use it, but having it provides a sense of security.

The collaboration has been really good.

We were called up reasonably promptly after receiving the package, but one probably shouldn’t have waited much longer to call.

On the other hand, a midwife came quickly to the birth, which was really good because it only took 3.5 hours from the first contraction until he was born. We had to move fast, and we only called when we arrived at the hospital. It took 35 minutes from being at the hospital until he was born, and your midwife, Camilla, played a significant role in the delivery, so please send her many thanks and praises 🫶🏼

As mentioned, we hope we never need to use the stem cells.

But if research progresses in the direction we believe, it could potentially have a huge impact on our son’s future health. Fortunately, we don’t have known diseases in our families, but God forbid he gets a serious illness someday; we have hopefully given him the best conditions for treatment and cure.

Thank you very much for a good collaboration.

Best regards from

Anne Kathrine, Jimmy, and Arthur