I found out about the possibility when I listened to To the Moon, Honey

At the birth of our son 3 years ago, we did not know about the possibility of collecting stem cells, and I only found out about the possibility when I listened to To the Moon, Honey, afterwards.

Unfortunately, during this pregnancy I became very seriously ill at the beginning of the pregnancy, which required both hospitalization and now life-long treatment. The doctors don’t know if it’s hereditary yet and I had a really good and very long conversation with one of your midwives, where we talked the whole thing through with your services, what stem cell treatment can do, and generally just our thoughts, experiences, feelings but also the anxiety I especially had about whether I passed on some “bad” things to our sons. It was a conversation that helped me a lot to find peace in my situation and I thank her very much.

During the birth, Cellaviva midwife Sanne was also absolutely fantastic! It went very fast and probably a lot faster than I could understand in my own head. Our son Max came into the world with my husband in one hand and Sanne in the other. She was at least as much of a support as my husband and I am very grateful that we had her with us. A bit like the adult you miss when you’re in a situation where you don’t quite have yourself with you. I will never forget her and her help.

I would very much like you to know how much your kindness and presence have meant to us – hopefully we will never need the stem cells, but we would never be without the option.

Anne-Sophie & Christopher