Cellaviva’s Incredible Flexibility During a Whirlwind Birth Journey

Dear Cellava Team,

A thousand thanks for your invaluable assistance and extraordinary flexibility in connection with the birth of our son on December 1, 2022. Our experience with Cellava was nothing short of fantastic.

A Last-Minute Decision

We made a last-minute decision to preserve our son’s stem cells and the final decision was made a bit late. With the due date set for December 15 and a previous childbirth experience where our daughter was born five days overdue, we thought we had plenty of time. But life has a way of surprising us.

Swift Action

On November 30 at 11:30 PM, my water broke, and our son’s arrival suddenly became much closer. We contacted Cellava in panic and asked if it was still possible to use their service. Our contractions escalated rapidly, leaving us with only an hour to get everything in order. Cellaviva immediately initiated a turbo expedition, prepared documents for our signature, and dispatched a midwife to retrieve the stem cell kit. The midwife arrived and rushed directly to Holbæk Hospital. We were confident that our son’s birth would be swift, and there was even talk of the hospital midwives reaching out to Cellava’s midwife for guidance if they didn’t arrive in time.

A Happy Ending

We arrived at the hospital ourselves 1.5 hours after my water broke, and Cellava’s midwife arrived about 10 minutes later. She had only half an hour to collect the stem cells, and she succeeded. We held our son in our arms, and Cellaviva had gathered what they needed.

Once again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming to our aid, even though we had been a bit slow to order and were in the midst of a rapid birth. We are deeply grateful for your incredible assistance and flexibility.

Best wishes from little Leander, big sister Ellinor, Georgios, and Mie.