Lea Hvidt Kessler chose to collect stem cells when her son was born.

Cellaviva Danmark - March 7, 2023

It gives me peace of mind

A decision that today makes Lea feel more at ease about the future.

When Lea Hvidt Kessler and Mikkel Kessler were expecting their first child, it was with equal parts enthusiasm and excitement. During the pregnancy, the couple became aware of the possibility of stem cell extraction at the umbilical cord, but they hesitated to make the decision – and suddenly little Romeo was wriggling lively in Lea’s arms, and then it was too late. The same scenario was repeated when daughter Rosa-Lia arrived a few years later. It was only when the family was in happy circumstances for the third time that they decided to have umbilical cord stem cells stored after the birth of their son Helios:

“I see stem cell collection as a unique opportunity to be ahead of the time, should the worst happen one day. It gives me a kind of peace of mind to have made this decision and I feel like I have done something right, on a whole other level, in relation to my family.”

Says Lea Hvidt Kessler

A familiar extra set of hands

Lea Hvidt Kessler contacted Cellaviva before the birth. and she had a lot of good talks with the Cellaviva’s midwifery team. Subsequently, she ordered and received the box for the collection, which was packed together with the hospital bag – and when the big day arrived, she called Cellaviva, who arrived at the hospital shortly after. “Cellaviva’s midwife Mianne was an extra and very familiar set of hands during the birth, which only made it even more fantastic. The stem cell collection itself takes place while you lie and look at your little one in complete awe”.

An investment in our lives

Today, Lea Hvidt Kessler feels more at ease about the future and hopes that more families will become aware of the possibility: “Of course, you hope that you will never end up in a situation where you need a stem cell transplant, but no one is untouchable and we don’t know what disease is in the cards for us. That’s why we see this as an investment in our lives, in the same way we insure our homes and belongings. she concludes.

Cellaviva helps expectant parents in Denmark collect tissue stem cells and blood stem cells at birth for potential medical use.

We are working to ensure that more and more people become are aware of the possibility of storing stem cells from the umbilical cord and thus have a family repository, a biological backup of stem cells that can help with disease treatment.