It has been very meaningful for Mille Sundquist to meet the families who have secured their stem cells

Cellaviva Danmark - April 11, 2023

Cellaviva's midwives, Sanne and Mille, have been interviewed by the Danish Association of Midwives

Cellaviva’s midwife Mille Sundquist, who is also employed as deputy Chief Midwife at Hillerød Hospital, has a strong interest in the potential of umbilical cord stem cells and wants to raise awareness of the possibilities of collecting and storing stem cells.

Mille Sundquist has noticed a significant interest from various healthcare professional groups when performing cord blood collection and wants to contribute with her knowledge . As a result, she contacted the Danish Association of Midwives and subsequently an interview was conducted with her and one of our midwives, Sanne, in Jutland. The interview focussed on their experiences and collaboration during the collection of stem cells from cord blood and tissue.

Unfortunately, there are still health professionals who are not familiar with the possibilities of collecting and storing umbilical cord stem cells, nor are they aware of the latest research results. This was one of the reasons why Mille and the Danish Association of Midwives wanted to raise awareness in this area.

Among other things, they explain to the Danish Association of Midwives:

There is a respect between midwives, and I find that they are confident that I know what I am doing. I always feel welcome, and I find that they relax a little when I introduce myself as a midwife, says Sanne Christensen.

I find that in our work we encounter great curiosity among doctors and midwives, and we get to talk to a lot of people about stem cells and the evidence-based research that has been done in this area. There are still some prejudices, and we can help to sort them out. These prejudices have sometimes led to couples not having stem cells collected, even though they had initially planned to do so, says Mille Sundquist.