Birth planning – is it important?

Cellaviva Danmark - May 12, 2023

Tips for your birth planning

By midwife Louise Pagaard Lind

Why make a birth plan?

We are used to planning many things in our daily life/throughout life. It can make our lives more structured. Making a birth plan can create peace and security for yourself and your partner. The more security you have about what will happen during birth – the more oxytocin is produced in your body, which is the hormone that is important for labor and thus a good birth.

In essence, it is a list of your wishes and expectations that you have around your birth. It is a good idea to write down the considerations and questions that may arise.

It is important to point out that a birth plan is wishes for your future birth. All births are different. Complications or other situations may occur which means that not all of your wishes may be ticked off. Be open to changes during birth. It is good if having a plan A, B, etc.

Questions that are good to consider in connection with birth planning:

  • Where are you considering giving birth – at the hospital or at home?
  • Who will attend the birth? Partner, mother, friend?
  • It is a good idea to consider whether birth preparation is for you. To strengthen the security and certainty around a birth and what to expect at a birth – both theoretically and practically.
  • Think about how safety during your birth will be optimized as best as possible. Does the midwife have to inform you thoroughly about what is happening? Is peace and quiet a big wish?
  • What types of pain relief are you into? There is a sea of possibilities.
    • Natural ex.: heating pad, tub, acupuncture
    • Medical ex.: laughing gas, epidural, pudendus
  • What birthing position would be nice for you to give birth in? And will you accept the child yourself if this is possible?
  • Should photos be taken during the birth or have a playlist ready?
  • Is the feeding bag ready?
  • Thoughts about breastfeeding.

Considerations of the partner/birth attendant:

  • What can you do for the birth? massage, caress, cold cloths?
  • Should the midwife be aware of whether you are sick from blood and needles?
  • Do you want to cut the umbilical cord?


It can be a great idea to write a small “letter” to the birth midwife where you invite her into your birth. Tell us a little about yourself – what is relevant for the midwife to know about you, so that she can help you through your birth in the best possible way.

Thoughts about the collection and storage of stem cells from the umbilical cord

Stem cells can save lives. Here you get a unique opportunity to consider having stem cells collected at the birth of Cellaviva.

See e.g. statement from Molly Egelind and Benjamin Hasselflug: here

We wish you a good journey and a good birth planning!