Big congratulations to Søs and Emil with lovely little Ellie

Cellaviva Danmark - April 25, 2023

Dear Cellaviva.

We are writing to say thank you for helping to give us the start of our dreams as a small new family. Not only in connection with the birth, but already throughout the pregnancy.

After ordering your stem cell box, we had good and relevant conversations, not only about stem cells but also about the general questions and concerns that arise as first-time mothers.

We felt we were met by friendly, understanding and present midwives who cared about our individual birth experience, despite the fact that all communication only took place via phone and email. When we expressed our concern about the nurses’ strike and lack of midwives in the country’s hospitals, we were quickly offered a physical meeting and talked about the possibility that a cellaviva midwife would be available by phone during the first part of the birth if questions and concerns should arise or if they should meet us at the hospital before the birth as an extra support in case we would feel unsafe.

Fortunately, we didn’t need it, but the idea that we could just call certainly gave us the reassurance we needed.

At the hospital itself (Hvidovre) we had to give birth in the maternity clinic, which turned out to be just right for us. The room and the cozy atmosphere were more than we could have expected, but what overwhelmed us and really put us at ease were the hospital midwives. They were competent, present and calm and the slight worry that arose when there was a sudden change of guard during the birth went almost unnoticed and the feeling of security never disappeared.


At the same time, we experienced the finest interaction between the hospital’s midwife and Henriette from Cellaviva, both during the birth and right after.

Henriette was also not shy about grabbing our phones and capturing the very first moments of our little family – photos we would never have had the opportunity to take ourselves, but which we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

We had our absolute dream birth at Hvidovre Hospital and all our worries and fears were put to rest by the coolest midwives who deserve all our respect (and cake) for the incredible job they do!

The happiest greetings

Søs, Emil and baby Ellie

Cellaviva's midwife Henriette's account:

Our goal is always to create security

When I spoke to Søs and Emil the first time, they were a little nervous about feeling unsafe and being alone at the birth. They had heard some stories about others who felt left behind and it made them insecure.

We agreed that I would note that we would move out as early as possible (in relation to what our duty center allowed on the day) when there were signs of labor and that there was an open telephone line for our hotline, all that they wanted from the first time we talked together. It was as if it gave them immediate security to make those agreements with us.


When the day dawned, our emergency plan was fortunately put to shame.

Søs and Emil only called me late in the birth because they had just felt so comfortable in the maternity clinic at Hvidovre hospital with the most wonderful midwives and students throughout the process until now. When I arrived there was a very special peaceful atmosphere and I witnessed an absolutely fantastic birth performed by the strongest birth team. Sis, Emil  collaborated so incredibly beautifully with the midwife to bring little wonderful Ellie into the world.

After the birth, I could step in and collect the stem cells from the umbilical cord almost unnoticed

Meanwhile, the new parents looked at their little wonderful daughter. However, I was congratulated and told them how touching an experience had just unfolded in the living room. I also had a chat with the midwife, who was also completely moved by the experience.

I have the same enormous respect as Søs and Emil for the skilled and competent midwives and students who were around the couple.

I feel full of gratitude for being allowed to experience this beautiful dream birth<3

Big congratulations to Søs and Emil with little lovely Ellie and thanks to the skilled and professional midwives and students at Hvidovre Hospital.