Why you should choose Cellaviva

Cellaviva provides safety for viable stem cells from every umbilical cord. We cultivate and isolate the stem cells in the umbilical cord tissue in the same way as when to deliver the stem cells for clinical studies or for treatment. This way, Cellaviva can provide you with the exact number of vital stem cells you have available in the freezer. The laboratory is AABB accredited and the staff are experts in stem cell processing.

There are major steps in research every single day and we will give our customers the best conditions to be able to use their cells if necessary in the future. In addition to our primary high quality products, we add another 2 test tubes with umbilical cord tissue. In practice, this means that as a customer you get 3 different stem cell products stored. 2 x isolated blood stem cells, 3 x isolated MSC and 2 x umbilical cord tissue with MSC.

When Cellaviva freezes two sample tubes with umbilical cord tissue, there are cells available for multiple outlets. This allows treatment of various diseases or multiple people.

It is expensive to isolate and cultivate stem cells. Therefore, most stem cell banks only choose to freeze small pieces of umbilical tissue instead of freezing the isolated stem cells from the tissue. With such a process, there is a high risk that the cells are not viable when thawed. Nor is it known how many stem cells exist in the sample. In fact, knowledge is lacking about whether there are viable stem cells at all, since data show that 50-75% of the stem cells die when freezing the tissue. If one compares stem cell banks, one should be aware of which methods the respective banks use.

Cellaviva performs the expensive isolation of stem cells as cheaply as possible for our customers, because we are convinced that isolated stem cells become a milestone in future medical treatment. Cellaviva's parent company develops new therapies using these types of cells to cure diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, autism, brain damage, sclerosis, diabetes and many more. We want our offer of isolated stem cells to be as accessible as possible and therefore we have priced it at the same level as the cheaper treatment of blood from the umbilical cord.

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