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We want every family to be given the possibility to preserve their children’s stem cells. Therefore, Cellaviva offers totally transparent pricing and payment plans for stem cell banking, to be affordable for most families.

Cellaviva Box

The Total Cost Of The Stell Sem Saving Is Divided Into 3 Main Costs

At Cellaviva, you get 3 stem cell products divided into 12 deposits

Cellaviva grows and isolates stem cells from the umbilical cord to ensure cell viability and we also know the number of frozen cells. This process is of the highest quality.

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Affordable and fair payment

At Cellaviva, you do not have to empty your savings account to pay for familial storage of stem cells. No prepayment for collection and storage, a monthly payment for three years which includes 20 years of storage (ongoing campaign).

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CAMPAIGN OFFER: 1049 kr/month for 3 years (including 20 years of storage)


Contact Cellaviva: 89 88 02 88
For urgent matters, contact Cellaviva Hotline: 89 88 23 57

1Order Cellaviva Box

The Cellaviva box

The Cellaviva box includes all the equipment needed for the Cellaviva midwife to conduct the collection of the stem cells from your newborn child.

The Cellaviva box will be delivered within 5 days from the completion of the order. As a Cellaviva customer, you will be contacted by a Cellaviva midwife. Together we will make a plan for how to meet your expectations.

If you are expecting twins, please contact Cellaviva.

2Call Cellaviva Hotline when the labour starts

Please contact Cellaviva Hotline when you are going into labour. In dialog, we will decide when the specially educated Cellaviva midwife will come to the hospital.

The collection of the stem cells is done immediately after the umbilical cord has been cut. The Cellaviva midwife will conduct the collection of both cord blood and tissue. The collection is without any pain and risk for both mother and child, typically it takes 3-5 min.

16.900,00 kr


Select a Payment Option

The Cellaviva midwife will complete all necessary documents and is responsible for having the Cellaviva box with your baby’s stem cells sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Cellaviva’s biobank is authorized by the Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) and is compliant with all relevant quality standards and EU regulations and directives.

3Storage & Subscription Plan

Family saving of Stem Cells

Once the stem cells have been collected, analyzed and approved for cryopreservation, you will receive an invoice for the services.

You will only have to pay for approved stem cells, stored in liquid nitrogen in your family's private vault in Cellaviva’s biobank.

More Ways to Save

Prepay & Save

The storage fee is usually paid on a monthly basis but we also offer the possibility to pay up-front with a discount. Choosing this option will also prevent you from future price increases.

Sibling Discount

We'd love to help you save the stem cells from all your children. Families who have already saved their child's stem cells in our biobank are offered a discount for longterm storage if they choose to save stem cells with us, as their family grows. One year in addition to the 20 years included per sibling.

Referral Program

Are you ready to share the advantages of saving stem cells with your family and friends? By recommending Cellaviva you will both get a discount on the storage fee. Both you and your friend will get an additional year of storage after the 20 years included in the campaign.


Give your grandchildren the gift that can be valuable when they grow up. Do not give your grandchildren a silver spoon, give them something that could be of real importance.