Affordable and fair payment

Campaign prices in Denmark

Cellaviva has chosen to start its activity in Denmark with a promotional offer. You therefore get as a customer a unique product consisting of 3 stem cell products in 12 depots. This is new and unique for Danish customers who have so far been accustomed to only being able to store 1 or 2 products. Cellaviva, as the only stem cell bank in the Nordic region, ensures that your child's stem cells are viable, of the highest quality and ready for delivery within a few days if your family needs them in the future.

Do you want to avoid using your savings on storing your child's stem cells?

We are parents themselves and we know that a family increase gives many new investments in the form of prams, car seats and other baby equipment. Cellaviva now offers a campaign price with monthly payment of DKK 1049 for 36 months without any prepayment. 20 years of storage is included in this amount. This allows for the storage of stem cells for most parents by, for example, using part of the child and adolescent benefit instead of the savings.

We want all families to have the opportunity to store their children's stem cells. Therefore, Cellavia offers transparent rates on stem cell collection and storage and various payment options so that this important decision can match almost any family budget.